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07 December 2009 @ 03:08 am
Howl by B.R.M.C. (listen on youtube)

You try so hard to be cold
You try so hard to not show
I give you nothing to doubt, and you doubt me
I give you all that I have, but you don't see

Part of my Buffy fanmix I was compiling today. More woobie!Spike than I usually see him (at least in the 6th season to which it's mixed) but I like the sadness and bleak resignation of it. And, underneath all that badass make up, he's a big woobie anyhow. :D

Yay! First post. And thanks for the invite!
06 December 2009 @ 11:55 am
Desperately - Michelle Branch (listen on youtube)
Oh why can't I ignore it?
I keep giving it in but I should know better
'Cause there was something 'bout the way you looked at me
And it's strange that things change
But not me wanting you so desperately
27 October 2009 @ 12:38 pm
Wall To Wall - Chris Brown (watch)

27 October 2009 @ 11:48 am
Overdrive - Katy Rose

26 October 2009 @ 02:24 am
... when i get mad at my boyfriend, i go downstairs and listen to songs by various ex boyfriends' bands.
really, really quiet.  in my headphones.
so that's what i'm listening to now!

but to make this relevant, my last recommendable song i listend to
natalie merchant - sally anne
24 October 2009 @ 10:50 am
Crank It Up - Ashley Tisdale
(Hate the video, but the song is fun)

12 October 2009 @ 02:57 pm
Colours - Jordin Sparks
07 October 2009 @ 07:17 am
Next Go Round - Nickelback [ lyrics | listen ]
This song is one of my favorites. Probably because I have sex on the brain. :( LOL

06 October 2009 @ 10:33 pm
I recently discovered the loverly Lisa Mitchell. She's based in Australia and only a couple things are available for sale here in the U.S. I managed to find both her EPs and her new album, so I'm a very happy camper and want to share them all with you.


Also, behind the cut is the music video I saw that turned me onto her.
coin laundryCollapse )


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03 October 2009 @ 02:24 pm
Hit shuffle on your music player, list the first 25 songs. Let us know why each is on your playlist: why you like it, the first time you heard it, etc.

1. Earthquake - The Used [listen]
I got the album on recommendation of a friend. The whole album's really good, and this song in particular is just really fun to listen to.

2. What Is This Feeling? (from Wicked) [watch]
I'd love to see Wicked live. I love the soundtrack; this song is one of my favourites. It's funny but not stupid, if you get me.

3. Stay Gone - Jimmy Wayne [watch]
This was the first Jimmy Wayne song I heard (I was searching for artists similar to Chuck Wicks), and I think it was the second song I ever learnt to play on the guitar. I don't listen to it much anymore, but I do still really like it.

4. The Fantasy - 30 Seconds To Mars [listen]
Ah, 30 Seconds To Mars. I love them. This is one of my favourite songs off the self-titled album.

5. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) - Pink Floyd [listen]
This song (and whole album) is just so legendary, I can't understand how anyone can't at least appreciate it, even if you don't actually like it.

6. The Resolution - Jack's Mannequin [watch]
I definitely think the singer of Jack's Mannequin, Andrew McMahon, is a modern musical genius. There isn't a Jack's Mannequin song that I don't like, and his lyrics are really clever. He's just a brilliant songwriter, and I think this song showcases his skills almost perfectly.

7. Brake! Brake! - Go:Audio [listen]
Go:Audio are really fun to listen to, especially the upbeat songs like this one. Songs like this just make me want to jump up and dance around, even though I have absolutely zero energy right now. I think I'll settle for foot tapping instead. xD

8. Today's The Day - Bel's Boys [watch]
Another one that makes me want to dance around. Whenever I listen to this song, I always end up feeling insanely happy and good about life.

9. I Can See Clearly - Rockapella
Rockapella are an a capella band who recreate the sounds of instruments with their voices. This track always makes me smile because of the badadas and mmbops in the background.

10. Supposed To Be - Ian Walsh [listen]
I only discovered Ian Walsh a few days ago. I downloaded both of his albums, and I'm not disappointed at all. I love the chorus of this song, it's one of my favourites on his first album.

11. Dear Ocean - Motion In Colour [watch]
The singer's accent is really cute. xD The lyrics are gorgeous too. I think this is my favourite Motion In Colour song.

12. Porcelain - David Cook [listen]
I love David Cook...this is one of my favourite tracks from his first album. Then again, I say that about all of them.

13. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance [watch]
I'm not a massive MCR fan but there are a few songs that I really like and this is one of them. I'm not entirely sure why, I just think it's a good song.

14. Loud - Chris Townsend
This is a really catchy, upbeat kind of tune, the kind that Chris Townsend does best. I love his voice, the way it seems to be polished but raw at the same time. He's a really good musician, and this is a really good song.

15. City Of Blinding Lights - U2 [watch]
One of the few U2 songs I like. In fact, I really like it. The lyrics to this song are really good too. It's one of those songs that could just get lost in.

16. The New Transmission - Lostprophets [listen]
No-one does big, catchy choruses like Lostprophets, and this album is the one to go to if you want something upbeat and infectious.

17. I Made It Through The Rain - Craig Chalmers & Friends [listen]
My sister got me Craig Chalmers' album as a joke birthday present, because she knows I don't like him, but I do like a couple of the '& Friends' lot. It's full of cheesy covers and a couple of equally cheesy original songs. xD

18. Time After Time [Demo] - Elliot Minor [listen - demo] | [watch - final version]
I discovered Elliot Minor a few years ago and somehow obtained all of their demos (although in all honesty, I'm still not entirely sure how). Now they're famous and they recorded this song properly for their first album. But I think I prefer the demo version because it just brings back memories.

19. Wedding Dress - Matt Nathanson [listen]
When I first got this album, I liked every track on it except for this one. But recently, it's really grown on me and I really love it now. <3

20. Bring It All Back - S Club 7 [watch]
This brings back so many memories of being a little girl and pretending that me and my friends were in our own band, and singing this with them. I remember I always did Hannah's part. xD

21. Sorridi - Patrizio Buanne [listen]
It's a really pretty and inspiring song. I bought the album based on one little clip of a song I heard on an advert. I haven't listened to it for ages, so having it come on now is really making me smile. =]

22. Keep On Moving - The Mismatch [listen & free download]
The Mismatch are the side project of one of my favourite unsigned bands, Mesh-29. The Mismatch's material is really fun, toe-tapping stuff.

23. You To Me Are Everything - The Real Thing [watch]
I first heard this when Billy Bungalow sang it in my local Christmas panto. If I could have somehow got his version, I would have, but as it is, I have to settle for this one. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just Billy Bungalow is a legend. xD

24. Dead Wrong - The Fray [listen]
I really like the How To Save A Life album. All the songs on it are awesome.

25. Mine All Mine - Chuck Wicks [listen]
This is another one I haven't listened to for a while. The first time I remember really listening to this song was when we were taking my sister to uni for the first time. So whenever I hear it I'm always reminded of the drive up there. It's become a kind of tradition now, that I listen to Chuck Wicks whenever I go up to see my sister at uni.
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