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01 January 2010 @ 01:46 am
Exodus '04  
Numero Uno!

1. Put Your [media player of choice] on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments after the song name.
5. Tag [as many or few friends as you want]

What do your friends think of you?
Blood [My Chemical Romance]

If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say?
My Friends [Sweeney Todd Soundtrack]

How would you describe yourself?
Ricky Ticky Toc [Eminem]

What do you like in a guy/girl?
End of the World [Kingdom Hearts OST]

How do you feel today?
Let It Die [Three Days Grace]

What is your life’s purpose?
When I'm In Love [Best of Slayers]

What is your motto?
No Place Like London [Sweeney Todd Soundtrack]

What do you think about very often?
Under the Sea [Kingdom Hearts OST]

What is 2 + 2?
Tangerine Dream [Do As Infinity]

What do you think of your best friend?
Campus Dandy [Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST]

What do you think of the person you like?
Shine [Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST]

What is your life story?
Your Affection [Persona 4 OST]

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Fake Wings [.hack//SIGN OST]

What do you think of when you see the person you like?
I'll Face Myself (Battle) [Persona 4 OST]

What will you dance to at your wedding?
Aphrodite Scat [Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST]

What will they play at your funeral?
It's All Over [Three Days Grace]

What is your hobby/interest?
Breeze [Best of Slayers]

What is your biggest fear?
Place For My Head [Linkin Park]

What is your biggest secret?
Like Toy Soldiers [Eminem]

What do you think of your friends?
Welcome! [Do As Infinity]

What will you post this as?
Exodus '04 [UTADA]
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
tabithatabby_renee on January 1st, 2010 08:48 am (UTC)
you have a lot of anime music stuff ;) or was that just the shuffle thing?
Aalt Conn: Kanpai!alkahestapeiron on January 1st, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
XD A bit of both? I think my collection of anime stuff is about the same as my regular stuff.