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what are you listening to?

HEADPHONES - What are you listening to?
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Post what you are listening to at the moment.


Indefinable by words alone. It is not only something you hear but what you feel. It is something your soul can reach out and touch. It originates from all over the world since time began. Complex or simple, fast or slow, loud or soft. It is what you feel, or it could be your method of escape or it could just keep you alive.

Don't be afraid to post, everyone likes different types of music.
Any trouble, they will be banned. :)

You can post what you want, as long it's whatever you are listening to. Post the title, author, lyrics, and/or feelings about the music. Hate it? Love it? Recommend it? Looking for other songs? Post it all here! Of course, there are a few rules:

1) No formatting your posts outside of boldening and italics. Different colors, font-sizes, and text-aligns will get your post deleted. It makes it hard to look at.

2) No trolls. You will be banned with no warning.

3) Use an LJ cut for posts that are longer than a few lines, and/or includes pictures. If you don't know how, click here to read LJ FAQs.

4) No advertising other communities. I may change my mind in the future, but for right now, just don't.

5) Please use tags. This won't be to strictly inforced, but it's a nice way to keep track of artists, songwriters, etc. that we have posted. Some tags you should use are:

- the name of the artist
- 'lyrics'
- 'recommendations'
- 'pictures'
- etc.

6) Please keep one song per post. You may double post, triple post, etc. Just keep it on topic. :)

- I will keep the rules updated as this community grows.


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If you have any questions, concerned, or whatever, please feel free to contact the moderator: tabby_renee.

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